Wellness Policy

  • The Children’s Learning Center

    380 Washington Avenue

    Roosevelt, New York 11575


    SUBJECT:   Wellness Policy

    The Children’s Learning Center at cpnassau is committed to providing a school environment that enhances developmentally appropriate learning of lifelong wellness practices.

    1. The Child Nutrition Program will comply with federal, state, and local requirements, provide the best meals at the lowest possible cost and selling price, help our students develop good health habits by selection and a willingness to try new foods, and restrict access to foods of minimal nutritional value.


    2. Meals served through the Child Nutrition Program will be appealing and attractive to children; be served in clean and pleasant settings; and offer a variety of fruits and vegetables, including only low fat (1%) and fat free milk, or juice drinks that contain at least 25% of real juice.


    3. The Child Nutrition Program will make every effort to eliminate any social stigma attached to, and prevent the overt identification of, students who are eligible for free and reduced price school meals.


    4. Encourage students who are developmentally appropriate, parents and faculty to start each day with a healthy breakfast. When possible provide students with healthy breakfast/morning snack if families identify that no meal was provided at home that morning.


    5. Continue to implement health related IEP goals as they are included on the student’s IEP.


    6. Incorporate physical activity throughout the school day.  Gross motor movement is integrated throughout daily activities in all curriculum areas.


    7. Teach patterns of meaningful physical activity in our adaptive physical education program to connect students’ lives outside of physical education where developmentally appropriate.


    8. All foods made available on campus adhere to food safety and security guidelines. CLC Food Guidelines protocol is included in CLC’s educational manual available to all faculty. CLC’s Food Guidelines are sent home annually to all families and additionally when requested or needed. 


    9. The school environment is safe, comfortable, pleasing and allows ample time and space for eating meals.  Students who require assistance/nursing care are treated respectfully and within therapeutic guidelines.  Withholding food is not used as punishment.


    10. All school-based activities are consistent with State Education Department guidelines and CLC’s manual.

    11.    A school nutrition committee will met on a monthly basis and the wellness policy will

             be reviewed and updated accordingly on a quarterly basis.

    Implementation of the Local Wellness Policy:

    1. The School Food Service staff at Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassau County, Inc. will ensure compliance with nutrition policies within the school food service areas and will report on this matter to the Food Service Supervisor.