Wish List

The Children's Learning Center
Wish List

Teach Smart Learning System Activity Bundle                           $2495

(over 1000 pre-made SmartBoard lessons grouped according to curriculum area)                                           

Permanent outdoor communication boards for playground       $1000-$3000

Hi-low Table                                                         $2500

(electronic mat table for positioning)                                                                                                      

 Rifton Support Station (2)                                          $2205 each

(for aiding students in supporting themselves upright for changing and toileting purposes) 

Welch Allyn SPOT Vital Signs with NIBP/Nellcor Pulse       Oximetry/Temperature (2)                                                     $2175 each

(for all-in-one pediatric vital signs check)                                                       

Textbooks                                                                                $3000-$5000

(for academic learning of math, social studies and science)

DynaVox Maestro Communication Device with accessible carrying case                                                                                                             $7975

(speech-generating device with computer display of symbols that change constantly based on system selections)    

Switch Assessment Kit                                              $750

(assortment of various switches)

Light Box Kit                                                        $900

(aids in teaching basic visual skills by developing awareness of light, color and objects…can also be used

to improve eye-hand coordination, visual discrimination and visual perceptual skills)

Dual-User Pneumatic Adjustable Workstation (4)                $500 each

(supports 2 computer monitors and keyboards on a single platform)

Heavy Duty Pool Access Wheelchair (2)                           $1100 each 

Mat for PT Gym     (6)                                             $1100 each

Therapy steps for PT Gym                                                $3000

Lifeskills House starter furniture and supplies                   $9000

Sensory Experiential Environment (SEE) Room equipment      $850-$2000

(upgrade and purchase equipment that will provide students with an optimal level of visual, tactile and auditory stimulation)

Wii System, TV, Games and Accessories                          $1800

E-Z Stander                                                         $3000

(standing frame that allows for transitions from sit to stand with varying positions in between)

Computer tablet (35)                                               $700 each

(for educational and communicative purposes)

Hydraulic Changing Table (3)                                       $9000 each

Bathroom Renovation (2)                                            $15000 each

(to improve wheelchair accessibility)

Expanded Auditorium                                                       $5 million   

(for school-wide assemblies, as well as daily cafeteria use for students)

Gait Trainer (6)                                                     $1250 each

Height-Adjustable Group Therapy Table (2)                      $1250 each

Sway Fun Glider                                                     $10000

(wheelchair- accessible glider for outdoor playground)