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    The Children’s Learning Center is the school component of the Cerebral Palsy of Nassau, a non-profit organization.  The school serves over 250 students, ranging in age from 18 months to 21 years of age, and coming from most school districts across Nassau County, a few from Suffolk County, and many from the boroughs of New York City.  The classes are all comprised of low student to teacher ratios, i.e., 12:1:4; 12:1:2; 9:1:3; or 6:1:2.  Every student enrolled in the school has an IEP (or IFSP for children receiving early intervention services) as a result of a CPSE/CSE meeting. 

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    Scholastic 'Big Day'                             Fundations                 Literacy Based Curriculum


         TOUCH Math                 Wilson Reading System     Mobility Opportunity Via Education



         Pre-Vocational                                     Daily Living Skills