Adapted Physical Education

  • Adapted Physical Education


    “Adapted Physical Education is physical education which has been adapted or modified, so that it is as appropriate for the person with a disability as it is for a person without a disability.” (APENS)

    Adapted Physical Education (A.P.E.) is a unique program that we offer at CLC.  In A.P.E. we play various sports/activities throughout the year. Some of the sports/activities are familiar to the general public such as: volleyball, basketball and baseball; some of the more unique ones are: bocce ball, bowling and paddle ball.  In A.P.E. you find that we also use many adapted/modified pieces of equipment so that everyone has an opportunity to participate in every activity.

    The A.P.E program at CLC has grown in the past few years.  We now have two basketball hoops each with two different level hoops to help improve the accessibility for our students.   This year we are hoping to develop two more bocce ball ramps to help better assist the students in playing bocce.